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Overseas rescue dog behaviour

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April 2024

Charlotte’s Experience of Adopting an Overseas Rescue Dog

Episode Summary

In this episode, I chat with Charlotte all about her experience of adopting a nervous rescue dog from overseas. Gizmo travelled to the UK from a shelter in Bulgaria, ready to start a new life with Charlotte.

Charlotte shares the experience she went through when choosing Gizmo and introducing him to life in the UK alongside her. We discuss the trauma Charlotte felt Gizmo experienced when travelling over to the UK and how this affected them both.

We also talk about how Charlotte’s expectations have changed since learning more about Gizmo’s behaviour. Plus, how she’s learnt to advocate for Gizmo by ensuring he’s given the time and space he needs to build trust and begin to feel comfortable in new situations. Charlotte is honest about the challenges she’s faced and how at times it’s been difficult. However, what is evident in Charlotte’s story is the joy Gizmo brings to her life.

If you, like Charlotte, are looking to adopt a pet from overseas, this episode offers a raw look at the challenges and triumphs you could expect.

You can listen to our chat about Charlotte and Gizmo’s journey here:

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