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My Story...

Pets are incredibly special, aren't they? I don't know about you, but I can't imagine my life without pets in it! Pets come into our lives in so many different ways and provide joy, love and companionship. But, sometimes life with pets can be challenging and it can feel like you just don't know what to do, or where to turn to for support and answers.

There's so much information out there which can feel confusing, overwhelming and hard to navigate at times. Trying to do the right thing and build the best possible relationship with your pet feels like it should be so easy, but the reality is often the opposite.

Over 7 years ago I adopted a street dog from Greece, called Poppy. She's changed my life for the better in so many ways, but life with Poppy has been a huge learning curve and sometimes a struggle! We've overcome many challenges together and built a strong bond based on understanding in the process. As I write this, Poppy is laid next to me, content, happy and living her best life, but there have been times when life with Poppy has felt hard and I've wondered why I just couldn't seem to help her.

In my mission to learn more about Poppy's behaviour, I turned my background in horses to learning about pet behaviour and now I'm a registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Animal Training Instructor. Pets impact our lives in so many ways and I truly believe that an open mind, along with an educated and welfare-focused approach to decision-making and learning leads to the best life alongside our pets.

It all started with Poppy, but now I also share my life with my human family, my dog Ivy, horses Bumble and Bertie, feral cat Luna and pet chickens. I love sharing my life with different species, there is always something new to learn and fun to be had. The idea for Fur Real Conversations came from the desire to share my own experiences of life with my pets, along with my training and behaviour expertise and thoughts.

For me, there's rarely a black-and-white answer and authentic conversations help to foster understanding and motivation to build the best pet-human bonds!

So take a look around, listen to my experiences and share my journey with me.

Lauren 🐾

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What it's all about..

Having authentic and welfare focused conversations about life with pets !

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as well as...

Inspiring pet owners to build the best possible bonds with their pet companions.

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and not forgetting...

Sharing both the joys, challenges and range of experiences which come from living life alongside our pets!

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Fur Real Conversations - Authentic & welfare focused conversations about life with pets.