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feral rescue cat

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May 2024

Feral rescue cat: my journey of rehoming one

Episode Summary

In episode one I spoke about how I wanted to rehome a feral rescue cat in need of an outdoor home. So, in February I was very excited to visit a local rehoming organisation and bring home Luna.

I asked if they had any cats which suited my home type and they felt that Luna would benefit from an outdoor, rural home. In particular, one where she could live independently from humans. Luna came from a feral colony as a kitten and was taken in with the hope of rehoming after she’d been neutered, health checked and vaccinated. While feral cats are usually returned to the ‘wild’ following a trap-neuter-return programme, kittens are sometimes kept with the hope that they may be young enough to adapt to pet life. However, Luna remained afraid of humans and showed limited desire for human contact.

Being in a rural location, with outbuildings and space I was in the perfect position to offer a home to a feral rescue cat or farm type cat.

In most cases, it is preferable to rehome cats as pets where they can join the family. However, there are some circumstances where a cat may struggle to adapt to pet life. For example, when cats come from a feral background they may not have had social contact with humans in the early days. This means that they may struggle to adapt to life with humans. Therefore, they’ll best suit a home with the choice to come and go.

Luna fits this example and is doing well in her new rural, outdoor home. It’s possible that with time, Luna will begin to get used to us and become less fearful of humans. In the meantime, she’s enjoying life as a cared-for cat. But, with her independence and choice over the interactions she has with people.

Indoor vs. outdoor living in cats

In this episode, I chat about my journey and how Luna settled into her new home. I discuss what’s involved in rehoming feral or outdoor, farm-type cats and discuss the risks and rewards.

I also explore the positive and negative aspects of cats living indoors vs. outdoors. Plus, I point out that situations are rarely black and white. Hence, we need to take into account the individual cat and what’s going to best suit them.

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