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How to crate train a dog

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May 2024

My Take On Using A Dog Crate

Episode Summary

Have you ever wondered how best to use a dog crate and crate train your dog?

Well, in this episode I chat about my experiences of using a crate through the traditional methods of crate training. I talk about how Poppy never enjoyed being shut into a space, which resulted in us abandoning the crate.

But, one day I decided to reintroduce it and I took a different approach. Rather than training Poppy to go in it, I focused on making it a place she couldn’t resist going. It may not yield instant results. But, sometimes giving your dog a choice and focusing on their preferences can make the job a whole lot easier and create a favoured resting spot!

Good quality rest and sleep are essential for a content dog, so taking the time to set up a space which your dog just can’t resist using is a no-brainer. If your dog finds a space safe, comfortable and perfect for them then you’re less likely to have issues with crate avoidance.

Read more about how I set up Poppy’s perfect space with a dog crate here.

Listen to the episode My Take on Crates!

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