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Stressful dog walks

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May 2024

Stressful Dog Walks: My Experience

Episode Summary

When Poppy first started reacting on walks I didn’t understand why. She would bark, lunge and pull towards other dogs, traffic and passers-by and it often took me by surprise. I remember feeling a mixture of annoyance, confusion, embarrassment, concern and frustration at why dog walks were so stressful. Walks quickly turned from calm to chaos and I needed to get to the bottom of why Poppy was behaving like this.

Once I started to understand more about why Poppy was overreacting to things it all began to make more sense. This meant I was able to implement strategies and make changes to help Poppy feel comfortable and calm so we were able to enjoy walks again! It’s by no means been an easy journey but for me, the key to successful rehabilitation of reactive dogs is understanding the individual dog.

So in this episode, I chat about my journey with Poppy and her reactive behaviour. I also chatted about a recent holiday I enjoyed with my dogs. During the holiday my very sociable dog Ivy showed reactive behaviour towards other dogs on our long walks. So, I discuss why this was, what it meant and how I helped support Ivy.

Where To Get Help and Support

Owning a dog which shows reactive behaviour on walks can be a challenge! You can experience so many different emotions on just one dog walk. But, the stress, worry and frustrations can soon turn to understanding, pride in progress and confidence in advocating for your dog and their individual experience. You’ve just got to be prepared to embrace the journey!

To help you along the way, there are wonderful Clinical Animal Behaviourists who can help you and your dog to achieve long-term success and say goodbye to stressful dog walks!

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