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April 2024

The Emotional & Practical Journey of Raising a Puppy

Episode Summary

Looking back at photos of Ivy, my dog when she was a puppy got me thinking back to the early days of introducing her to our family. So in this episode, I chat about my experiences of puppyhood with Ivy and the practicalities I had to think about. In my case, I needed to consider my older rescue dog Poppy and my young daughter.

This meant balancing excitement and emotions with the practicalities involved in living with a puppy. There is a huge amount of joy, love and anticipation involved when getting a puppy. But, it can also be daunting and it’s easy to get carried away and forget about logistics and planning for how you’re going to overcome any challenges along the way.

So, I talk about the planning I did and the thought processes I went through when making decisions on how to go about settling Ivy into her new family.

I also share my tips on how you can create a calm environment when introducing your new puppy to their home. Including, taking into consideration your individual situation and lifestyle and how to set your puppy up for success in life with you. We all lead different lives, so it’s important to focus on what’s right for your unique situation.

Listen here to my experiences of both the emotional and practical elements involved when introducing a new puppy to the family. Plus, get my tips ready to set you up for success if you’re about to introduce a puppy to your home and family.

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