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April 2024

The Wondering Spaniel: Katie & Sooty’s Story of Hope

Episode Summary

In this episode, I chat with Katie, who you can find on Instagram as The Wondering Spaniel. Using Instagram, Katie shares her story and journey with Sooty and describes how having a dog by her side helps with her mental health.

Katie and I chat all about her experiences of raising Sooty from a puppy and how she takes incremental steps to reach long term goals. Sooty is an active cocker spaniel and Katie is open and honest about the challenges that come with this. We explore the bond she’s developed with Sooty and the challenges she’s experienced so far. Katie is incredibly positive and inspirational in her determination to reach long-term dreams.

Listen here to learn how Sooty helps to keep Katie motivated to reach her goals and get out and about, even when things seem tough and how together they are learning new skills including, the canine sport of Canicross.

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